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new details about a stunning crime on bart... dozens of teenagers get onto a train and begin a violent crime spree.good evening i'm steve aveson..(pam) and i'm pam moore... it happened at the coliseum bart station on saturday night.. people were attacked -- others were robbed. no arrests were made.grant lodes has details about where bart police were when all this was happening. (grant) there were two officers in the coliseum station parking lot...but none on the platform of on the train that was targeted. now the transit agency is hoping surveillance video helps cath the group. the distress call from bart around 9:30 saturday night as 40 to 60 teenagers... jump the gates, go up to the platform, and rob passengers aboard a 9 car dublin train as it entered coliseum station passenger: "shocking, scary as well."alicia trost/bart spokesperson:"the moment the
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doors opened they jumped on board committed 7 robberies, 6 on the train, one on the platform. we had 5 cell phones stolen, one duffel bag, one purse, i do know 2 people were punched in the face."(grant) now authorities are reviewing surveillance footage from the station, platform and 6 of the 9 train cars that had working cameras. bart is also sharing surveillance images with o-p-d, police at oakland high schools, and the oakland housing authority. (steve) get your brooms out dubs fans. the golden statw warriors have just swept the portland trailblazers in the first round of the nba plaoffs. and without head coach steve kerrgolden state came out like a teamtrying to put an end to this series. they destroyed portland from
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the start. the dubs scored a franchise playoff record 45-points in the first quarter alone. kevin durant...he looked good...played only 20-minutes, but finished with 10-points. but steph curry led them all with 37-points, shooting 7-of-11 from three warriors sweep the blazers they win 128-103... now they await the winner of the jazz - clippers series. (pam) witnesses are being credited with stopping a kidnapping attempt in san francisco. now we are learning ... the suspected kidnapper is in custody after a police chase in the north bay. the crime happened around 9-pm saturday ... on steiner street. the woman was walking when the suspect got out of his car and grabbed her. kron4's j-r stone has details on how the accused attempted kidnapper was caught. right now this man is behind bars in connection with several crimes in san francisco and the north bay. officers believe he tried to
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kidnap a 31 year old woman in the cow hollow neighborhood of san francisco. shocking to women that we talked with.sot i walk along around here all the time so it's pretty scary. police say just before 9 saturday night the suspect parked his car and approached a woman walking along the street. an area just two blocks from the iconic mrs. doubtfire house. he tried to put a mesh bag over the victim's head and attempted to force her into his vehicle. the victim screamed, others in the area heard those screams, and a driver began honking. witnesses told police the suspect was startled, let the victim go, and drove off. sot surprising to hear that happened and it makes you think about your neighborhood differently. sunday the pickup truck the suspect was driving was spotted in sonoma county. s-f-p-d sent cars from san francisco, chp was called, there was a chase, and the suspect crashed into another car. at least one person was hurt but officers captured the suspect. some
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say there have been other recent cases like this in the cow hollow/pacific heights area.sot it was i think a female again who was robbed a couple blocks from here and a couple incidents i've been hearing about in this neighborhood which is so strange.that car chase ended in petaluma on sunday. that is where the suspect was caught. right now he is behind bars in san francisco. his identity has not yet been san francisco, jr stone, kron4 news. (steve) tonight --- an amber alert issued in southern california... just after five this evening --- a one year old girl -- lexi segura was abducted from rancho cucamunga, the suspect is daniel segura... he has numerous tattoos on his arms and neck and should be considered armed and dangerous. we also have
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details on what he might be driving..a 2012 red mitsubishi galant. license plate number 6wee209.. at this point no indication of where the he might be heading. (pam) tonight --- only on four..a reward being offered after a car was stolen in the east bay.... not only did the thieves make off with the vehicle .. but a sick dog inside as well.kron4's alecia reid sat down with the heartbroken family, as they wonder if their dog is ok. this teenager didn't think for a second that making a quick stop here at marina square before walking her dog, would lead to her boyfriend's car being stolen, and her pooch, that was sitting in the back seat.pkgit's been 2 days of agony for 18 year old ayashe perez and her boyfriend nahoo. posting flyers in different cities, hoping to get her pooch back. "i really need him home because he's my life"koda was in the back seat of
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nahoo's beat up honda when thieves broke in and stole it. he'd only bought the car a month ago. "alternator wasn't working, there was a leak in the exhaust pipe so nothing was worth stealing"the culprits saw something of value. but even more significant, was the 13 year black scottish terrier. koda was recently diagnosed with cushioning disease. he's on medication and has to take one pill every 12 hours for the rest of his life."he gets tired easily. he gets really hungry, like if he's starving. and when he urinates he urinates excessively. not like other dogs. and he has to go to the bathroom constantly" without his meds, there's a possibility diabetes or kidney failure will develop. his owners have been searching far and wide for their dog."we went to a lot of animal shelters in richmond the farthest we went was pinole" due to flyers and a facebook page dedicated to finding him, a number of calls of been coming in. but none of the sightings matched koda. the family has put up an award for his safe return."we got him as a puppy and he's been with me every day. and i was going to take him to college. i didn't expect to have him taken from me"standupkoda has an appointment this thursday to
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see a specialist for his failing digestive system.his family is hoping they'll be able to take himreporting live in san leandro. on monday supporters of conservative ann coulter filed a lawsuit in federal court claiming that her right to free speech was violated when the cal administration canceled the speech she was scheduled to give on thursday. the school responded saying that they canceled the speech for safety reasons and have been working to reschedule the event. as of monday evening, coulter say she still plans on giving the speech on thursday. at this point it is still unclear if the cal administration plans on accomodating berkeley, charles clifford, kron4 news. in another big story, new numbers show that a 6-figure salary is considered low income in parts of the bay area.the figures come from the us department of housing and urban development...for a
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family of 4,in san francisco and san mateo counties the salary is 105-thousand.santa clara, about 84-thousand alameda and contra costa counties about 80-thousand. with those incomes, families can qualify for affordable housing programs.justine waldman kron 4 news. (pam) still ahead -- the rain is gone for now..(steve) meteorologist brittney shipp is tracking what you can expect tomorrow. next.
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a ridge of high pressure will slowly build into our region whichwill lead to drier conditions along with warmer temperatures. asthe ridge
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moves in the pressure gradient will greatly increasewhich will lead to gusty winds on friday. very breezy conditions are likely for a portion of our area.
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♪[ music ] the tragic final days of erin moran. joanie from "happy days." ♪ [ music ] >> yeah? here we go. >> ma'am. >> open the door. >> she lived in this trailer park. >> her tv mom in tears. >> terrible shock for me. >> then the little girl hanging on for dear life. and the hero who came to her rescue. >> it's horrifying to see a child go through that. plus, the latest confrontation on an airplane sparking outrage. plus, what's it really like to be a flight attendant? >> ice or no ice, ma'am? >> the day we sent


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